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Gap, with its dedicated Business Unit, is the first TOUR HOPERATOR, that is to say a new generation tour operator. Its goal is to make the entire Tourist Sector “jump forward”: to increase the sales of services and package holidays offered by the operators, it incorporates and promotes the different offers providing expertise, technologies and innovative channels

YESTOUR… the portal of GAP SRL - Tourist department

Yestour.it shows tourist offers carefully chosen from a network of experienced and highly specialised entrepreneurs: from incoming travel agencies to tourism service suppliers who want to highlight the typical aspects of their territory. All members of this neatwork have a common goal: offering visitors a unique experience organised by the best professionals around, through which tourists will get to know the most typical and peculiar aspects of their chosen destination. At the same time the portal offers a guaranteed, simple and safe way to buy a tourist product.

Yestour.it provides any professional with a high-quality and reliable tourist product with the means to offer it on different channels, ensuring visibility and simple selling procedures.

If you are an operator in the field, do not hesitate to contacting us by filling out the form below. We will help your products to reach tourists in the clearest, simplest and most efficient way…if you are a visitor just relax and look for the tourist experience that suits you best, knowing that assistance, guaranteed products and travellers’ safety are primary goals of this website.

YESTOUR… Your incoming agency for Trieste and the surrounding area


Promotion Multichannel Platform
Insert your products in the TOUR HOPERATOR’s system: they will be promoted on the selling channels that are most appropriate for your target (tourist portals, thematic blogs, local news and so on).
Development Web Portals And E-Commerce
Are you dissatisfied with your web presence? We can provide the expertise to develop portals simple or complex as you need, but always paying attention to costs and real benefits.
Web and Social Media Marketing
If your business doesn’t have the social media strategy you wish, we have the expertise to create and manage your brand at a top-notch level.
Assistance and information services
We provide assistance and information services for businesses and users, both via call centre and web chat.
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