period March / April / May 2021
overnight in Grado

JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: from prehistory with the dinosaur Antonio and the Palaeolithic village of Palù di Livenza, to the Roman Empire with Aquileia the X Legio, to the Paelocristian period with Grado, to the Habsburg dominion of Trieste with the magnificent Miramare Castle, and to Spilimbergo a among the most beautiful and interesting art cities of Friuli Venezia Giulia .


1st day: AQUILEIA – GRADO Arrival by bus in the morning in Aquileia, an archaeological area of ​​exceptional importance, considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Meeting with the guide for the classic tourist tour which includes a visit to the archaeological excavations (forum, port and houses), the Basilica and the Archaeological Museum. Packed lunch (paid by the boys) during the visit. Then transfer to Grado, where, in the splendid setting of Campo dei Patriarchi in the “old town” you can admire the early Christian buildings of the Basilica of Santa Eufemia, rich in Byzantine-style mosaics and different marble columns. The attached octagonal baptistery and the Lapidarium and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Grazie, the oldest in the whole of Grado, entirely built in golden proportion. At the end transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.
2nd day: TRIESTE In the morning departure for Trieste, stop at the fisherman’s village to visit the dinosaur. Right here in 1994 the complete skeleton of a perfectly preserved dinosaur was brought to light.
Almost 1 meter high and 4 meters long, weighing 700 kg, it is the most complete medium-large dinosaur ever found in Europe since 1878. The nicely named dinosaur Antonio lived about 70 million years ago, was a vegetarian and the its head is elongated and has a curious beak with protruding tips. Fossil remains of fish, shrimp, crocodiles, pterosaurs and another dinosaur (Bruno) have been recovered in the immediate vicinity of Antonio. Packed lunch. Guided visit to Miramare Castle and then visit of Trieste with the Borgo Teresiano, the Banks, Piazza Unità d’Italia, the port, the Roman Theater, the hill of S. Giusto and visit to the Cathedral. Return to Grado for dinner and overnight.
3rd day: PALU ‘DI LIVENZA – SPILIMBERGO Departure for the pile-dwelling site of Palù di Livenza – in the 90s of the last century it was possible to reconstruct at least three building typologies of the pile-dwelling structures, relating to distinct settlement phases, chronologically datable between 4,500 and 3,800 BC. about. The materials found and recovered are very numerous and mainly made up of chipped stone tools, ceramic fragments and wooden remains of the hut structures. Thanks to the exceptional dating of the finds and the perfect state of conservation of the archaeological remains, Palù was registered in 2011 on the UNESCO World Heritage list together with other similar settlements distributed in many wetlands of the Alpine arc (pile dwelling sites prehistoric of the Alpine arc). Packed lunch. In the early afternoon arrival in Spilimbergo, visit to the school of mosaicists active since 1922. It was founded in the first post-war period to offer study and work opportunities to young people.


Fee per person (min. 40 paying) € 130.00

Fee per person (min. 45 paying) € 128.00

Fee per person (min.50 paying) € 125.00

Guaranteed free single use for accompanying teachers (MAXIMUM 3)

the fee includes:

3 days / 2 nights accommodation in a 3 * hotel in Grado (3/4 beds for children and single rooms for accompanying teachers)
full board treatment from dinner on the first day to lunch on the last day with table service and pocket lunch (water included with meals)
The menus with meals include: encore of first courses, second course, side dish, cheese, dessert and INCLUDED DRINKS. Basket composition: 3 stuffed rolls, 1 fruit, 1 biscuit package, 1 snack, ½ mineral. The breakfast is an Italian self-service buffet (“fresh” croissants, bread, jam, biscuits, rusks, juice, coffee, milk, tea)
guided visits to: Aquileia / Grado / Fisherman’s Village / Miramare Castle / Trieste / Palafitticolo site of Palù di Livenza / Mosaic School of Spilimbergo
Entrance tickets included: Site of the Fisherman’s Village, Miramare Castle, Mosaicist School of Spilimbergo

the fee does not include:

travel by Gran Turismo coach, VAT, driver’s accommodation and meals, tolls and parking, for the entire itinerary indicated as per the program;
drinks not indicated in the fee include
extras of a personal nature and everything not specified in the fee includes
Medical / baggage / cancellation insurance € 5.00 p.p.

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