Near the Arco di Riccardo and Cavana there is Rotonda Pancera. The façade looks like a large temple with columns, Ionic capitals, balustrades and high reliefs representing scenes of Greco-Roman life, in particular a story linked to Coriolano, Virginia killed by her father and the sacrifice of Iphigenia. Between the columns are the statues of Mars and Minerva, made by Antonio Bosa.

Domenico Pancera was the first owner of the building. Merchant and magistrate advisor, of Friulian origin, he also characterized the interiors of the palace with the Pompeian-style room and the precious frescoes of the large circular hall and the domed vault with frescoes depicting the story of Cupid and Psyche. In the mid-1800s the palace was inhabited by the family of Felice Machlig, affiliated with the Masonic lodge. A temple was found in the underground room, also decorated with frescoes typical of the Masonic lodge of the freemasons. Also on the bas-reliefs of the facade there are symbols of Freemasonry such as the square, the compass and the level.


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