Tours and Experiences


1.15 hours

The guided tour of the city of Trieste with our buses. Discover the main places of interest, informations and curiosities of a city with a thousand cultures.

9 hours

Guided tour in the vibrant city located in the heart of Europe and with a great historical, cultural and landscape heritage. Visit to the enchanted lake of Bled.

8 hours

The Postumia Caves, the largest cavity in the classic Karst and the most visited tourist cave in Europe. One of the most beautiful nature shows in the world.

8 hours

Guided tour to discover Cividale, the World Heritage Site and Gorizia, the last Wall of Europe, the symbolic places in the history of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

8 hours

From ancient Rome to the golden island. The guided tour to discover a mosaic of history, art and nature. Aquileia, Unesco Heritage. Grado, its evocative lagoon.

8 ore

The city-fortress.A nine-pointed star.Unesco Heritage is among the most beautiful villages in Italy and important models of military architecture

8 hours

With HopTour Ski Bus you will experience a "unique and special" winter Sunday among the magic of an "enchanted" village immersed in a spectacular natural setting

6 hours

The thrill of skiing under the stars on the "Queen" of the slopes of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A Friday evening "at high altitude" and "exciting".

3 hours

Live as a Karst shepherd for one afternoon. Immerse yourself in nature, and enjoy the farm’s dairy products. A unique experience in close contact with nature.