Tours and Experiences


1.15 hours

The guided tour of the city of Trieste with our buses. Discover the main places of interest, informations and curiosities of a city with a thousand cultures.

8 hours

Guided tour with our comfortable and new buses in the young and vibrant city located in the heart of Europe and with a great historical, cultural and landscape heritage.

8 hours

The Postumia Caves, the largest cavity in the classic Karst and the most visited tourist cave in Europe. One of the most beautiful nature shows in the world.

8 hours

The guided tour in the heart of the Collio and Friuli to discover the art, the flavors and the beautiful scenery of the places that symbolize the history of the territory

8 hours

From ancient Rome to the golden island. The guided tour to discover a mosaic of history, art and nature. Aquileia, Unesco Heritage. Grado, its evocative lagoon.

8 ore

The city-fortress.A nine-pointed star.Unesco Heritage is among the most beautiful villages in Italy and important models of military architecture

8 hours

With HopTour Ski Bus you will experience a "unique and special" winter Sunday among the magic of an "enchanted" village immersed in a spectacular natural setting

6 hours

The thrill of skiing under the stars on the "Queen" of the slopes of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A Friday evening "at high altitude" and "exciting".

3 hours

Live as a Karst shepherd for one afternoon. Immerse yourself in nature, and enjoy the farm’s dairy products. A unique experience in close contact with nature.