via torino trieste




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Via Torino, one of the streets of the Trieste nightlife, full of characteristic places and each with different gastronomic specialties.
via torino trieste

The side street of Via Torino is Via Diaz, home to the entrance to the Revoltella Museum and elegant and sophisticated restaurants.

At the entrance to the street, towards Piazza Hortis, there is the Premuda-Senitzer Palace, the work of Giovanni Righetti and his son.

museo dalmata istriano

The construction of the building dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, during the second French occupation, as evidenced by the two Napoleonic eagles located under the balcony of the facade facing Piazza Hortis. It currently houses the Museum of Istrian, Fiumana and Dalmatian Civilization.

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